Thursday, April 3, 2014

Art Credit

Lest I forget, in the excitement of finally, seven years after the idea popped into my head, puffing this story up beyond the borders of the barn, to thank the brilliant creator of the coverart, and its subject.  My sister, Ria, painted the picture in kindergarten, as a portrait of our mother.  So, awhile ago.

Ria and my mother have both gone on, a few years ago now.  I miss them.  I'm happy to have this piece of our childhood be the doorway into the future.

I was describing the kind of feel I wanted in the cover art to Paul, and he pointed over my head and said, "What about that?"  And he was 100% right!  There it was.  Thanks!

The original hangs in our hallway, above portraits our daughter, Caitlin, painted of she and her brother.  Caitlin's converting the artwork into coverart.

I am so grateful.  These are the tasks that would be roadblocks to me, and to find them at family rates coupled with genius.  Lucky me!

It's time we talked about why women aren't equal, and why we even have to talk about it at all.  Ria was among the first to declare a Women's Studies major at UC Berkeley back in 1974.  I think she'd approve of the conversation, though she'd also be wondering at the inhumanity of the discussion.

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