Monday, June 22, 2015

Everyday Thoughts

In 1990 Indian economist, Amartya Sen, put the number of human females missing from the planet, (selectively aborted, outright killed, or neglected to death), at 100 million; the death toll is higher now. 

Why does half the human population have to ask for human rights? It seems absurd, and yet, we are asking for the right to be equal to human men. 

Our planet, and her health, have been feminized for the same reasons, so she can be easily commoditized, rather than preserved. If we continue to measure success by an artificial construct, where everything on the planet has a price tag, what meaning is there in the actual value of anything? 

Feminism, (or equality, for those who equate ball busting with the first term), has a direct impact on the health of our planet, and its humans. Change is upon us. 

Grow something. Turn off the lights. Drive less. Understand where your water comes from, and make sure it's being protected. The planet will adapt, other species will survive, why not us?

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