Monday, September 14, 2015


As a d.i.y. media content producer I read a lot of writing blogs, marketing blogs, publishing blogs. Some are quick to decry most indie writing contests as "writer beware" and as having "hidden agendas."

 It's all marketing isn’t it?  If I enter a film festival or a screenplay competition I pay an entry fee to cover the costs of readers and administration.  If they are asking me for thousands of dollars, well, no thanks.  But if it's a moderate fee, I consider it a marketing cost.  There is free marketing inherent in winning or placing in these competitions.  I don't win them all, so there must be some level of human scrutiny involved, or I suspect I would win all the time.  

I’m grateful for the multi-platform exposure at a nominal price. 

Phyllis Wheatley Award - Harlem Book Fair

The books listed have been selected for final consideration.
First Fiction
Adinkrahene: Fear of a Black Planet by Jeffery A. Faulkerson
Born at Dawn by Nigeria Lockley
It's A Nightmare, The Gold Stone Girl, Book 1 by Nicole Quinn
Once In A Lifetime In Love by Sonya Felice Jenkins
Princesa by Maria L. Perez
Reason by Tiombe Jones
Shifting Allegiances: A Nigerian's Story of Nigeria, America & Culture by Amaka Lily
Tea Leaf: What Hides Underneath by Mia Mitns
The Devil Made Me Do It by Colette R. Harrell
The Ugly Secrets of Private Roy by Edward Roy
The Unnamed by Elva Nelson Hayes
Weaver by Miriam Kelly Ferguson
Who Made the Potato Salad? by Inez Robinson-Turpin

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