Friday, October 9, 2015


Seven years ago I sat down to write a script about dreams. Today I have a trilogy of novels, and now the scripting begins in earnest.  A limited-series is what I have planned, helmed by a young leading lady of color. There are great roles for women and men of all ages and ethnicities in this dystopian fantasy with female oppression its focus and its core. Let’s put it out there and then let’s talk about it. 

So that we can all get a taste of what’s to come, especially me, Melissa Leo and Adam Lefevre are filming a series of promotional teasers with me, as Bubba and Dee-Dee, foster parents to Mina, The Gold Stone Girl’s protagonist. I’m thrilled to see these characters made whole by such iconic actors. I wrote the books with these two actors in mind. It's a lucky person whose dreams come true!   

I’m shooting on an ipad, attached to a stabilizing mount on a tripod. Natural light, no make up. I'm using a Manual camera app for light adjustment and zoom capability, camera adapter with a Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone, and Shure headphones to improve the sound quality 

Cinéma-vérité style, a series of interviews. Location: the Off-grid, a rural setting. My back yard will do. It’s amazing how much magic can happen with so little. 

Thank you Adam and Melissa for saying yes!

Melissa LeoAdam LeFevre

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