Friday, January 15, 2016


PAP, the name taken from the ancient Paparazzi, a photographer who pursues celebrities to get photos of them.

The word Pap was  derived from a character name in Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

A name given by the Night Mare to babies randomly selected at birth to have cameras implanted in place of eyes. Paps supply the screen feed in Winkin City. Their tongues are removed to improve focus.

DREAM DRIFTER, personal guard to the Night Mare. Imported early in her reign to rid the world of dreamers.

Heron-headed thugs, white-eyed dream addicts in shabby wool overcoats and sunshades. The smell of a Drifter is like wet towels mildewed in a locker.

Squijal, is the term used to describe how a Dream Drifter moves, the way a slug slimes across marble.

*Dream Drifters are seriously allergic to the sweet fruit of the planet. If consumed they grow to 10x their ginormous size and rampage for fun.

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