Friday, July 22, 2016

Sulis of the S.U.L.

S.U.L., Suberterranean Upper Lifeform, a government-church acronym given to this species of mole-people.

The SUL are descendants of a thousand multi-ethnic founding families who pioneered the Core of the planet before Ulger blew the blue orb apart, and it reformed as the Pangeic-like continent of Blinkin.

The SUL were rediscovered in 3654 of the Night Mare's reign.

The culture is inward and mystic, influenced by the ethylene laced gas in the air of their underground city. Ethylene, they say, influenced the Oracles at Delphi.

SUL are unwelcome in Winkin City as too delusional. Fantasies are free floating and anyone might catch them.
But the Night mare likes a good oracle, so they are tolerated at the Manus Market and as homesteaders in the ruins Off-right.