Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UPDATE: The Gold Stone Girl

Nine years ago I sat down to write a film script about women, our dreams and nightmares. It became three books, and then three audio-books, and now at last book one, It's a Nightmare, is a script. It's a cinematic story, a new world built on our own, that lends itself well to the visual medium.

I love this journey with Mina. She's hard and feisty, she does what it takes to make her dreams come true in an action adventure story with a female of color in the lead, without a gun!  Many lessons  have been learned and earned along this path. Mostly about honoring my own dreams and purging my nightmares

The script is a semi-finalist in the Series Fest/Rose McGowan Featuring Women Initiative 
Script Competition

and a quarter finalist in the Screen Craft China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship

 It's a Nightmare is entered in a few other film/media competitions in the hope of  bringing Mina to the attention of potential partners. May this cautionary tale spread its roots into deep rich healthy loam.

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