Tuesday, February 3, 2015

D.I.Y Meets Establishment

I'm a d.i.y artist.  I market on a shoestring and use the tools that I can access without money.

Recently I have had a couple of reactions about my kamikaze marketing from teaching "artists"attached to prestigious universities.  They, to a one, felt it necessary to smack me down by telling me that what I'm doing is breaking the rules, and therefore marks me as an amateur.

I wonder that they find someone else's non-institutional efforts threatening.  I wonder at these infrequent reactions to herculean efforts to get independent media content out into the world, and in front of eyes, without the aid of corporate/university machines.

It seems ungenerous.  If successful at it, which I have been so far, am I still an amateur?  Who made these rules you enforce without teeth? Why are art educators, at the highest level, so fearful of that which swims in a different pool?

Hm...I wish you all well in your rule filled worlds.  I think I'll just keep giving myself permission to try.

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